Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How much notice do I need to give for my booking?


A. Usually, none is required but to be sure you get a unit to fit your requirement an early booking is recommended.


Q. What if I book the wrong size unit?


A. We will endeavour to ensure you have the most economical space that you require. However, subject to availability, we will offer you a larger or smaller space dependent on your specific needs.


Q. Will my belongings be piled along with others and is there any danger of my belongings being crushed?


A. No, absolutely not, your belongings will be placed in a cabin that is dedicated to you. For complete peace of mind you may place them in the unit yourself so that on locking the door you know your belongings will stay exactly how you left them. However, we can do this for you as part of our collection service.

Q. Are there any weight restrictions on what I can store?


A. No, we rent you a cabin by volume and you may put in it whatever you need to store, subject to the restricted items in our terms and conditions. However,  we advise that for health and safety reasons you distribute the weight evenly over your packing boxes.

N.B. There is a maximum weight of 20kg per item that is to be handled by our collection / delivery service


Q. How many boxes can I store?


A. There is not a limit to the number of boxes and we do not charge by the box. The size of cabin you book will dictate how many boxes you can store.


Q. I am not sure what size cabin I need, can you help?


A. This is a difficult question and of course it depends on many things. It may help you to get a  better idea if you visited us and viewed the cabins on offer, which you are welcome to do at any time during opening hours. Our small cabins usually suit most students needs. We can change your cabin size if needed at the time your goods are stored.


Q. What can I and cannot store?


A. There is a full list of prohibited items in our terms and conditions (please read) but in brief, no illegal substances, weapons, food, anything that may leak, perishable or flammable goods.


Q. How can I be sure my possessions are secure?


A. We have a first class burglar alarm system, CCTV cameras covering the interior and exterior of the building. Your possessions are locked in a cabin and YOU hold the key! However, we recommend you insure your stored items.


Q. What will my storage cost?


A. We charge on a weekly basis and a part week is counted as a full week. The rates for all our units are on shown our price list. In addition you may require collection and / or delivery and you may also need packing materials. We have no hidden charges.


Q. If I want to remove my possessions early or need extra time will there be any penalties?


A. No, not at all. You pay for the time you store with us (in full weeks) If you remove them early and your prepayment is in excess then you will receive a refund, if you are a little longer you will just pay the weekly rate.


Q. Can I share the cost of the storage service?


A. Yes, you can share any of our cabins with a friend.  


Q. How much will I be asked to pay when I leave my things?


A. For 20 weeks or less the full storage charge will be required at the time you store your goods or when we collect them. If you need a padlock then you will need to pay for that at the time of collection. For periods over 20 weeks then a payment plan can be agreed.


Q. Your rates seem very cheap compared to other companies, what is the catch?


A. There is no catch, you are welcome to visit us and view our facilities. We guarantee no hidden charges.